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Addicted to New Beginnings

I love New Year’s resolutions!  I can’t help it. I’m addicted to new beginnings. Imagine everything you’ve done wrong or stupid is behind you. The thought is captivating. A fresh start with all kinds of wonderful possibilities.

And no wonder. The idea that you can start fresh is almost like a drug. Fresh starts bring visions of perfection only possible when the old is erased.  The new is what you can become.  Only once a year, once every 365 days of the year, this fresh new start comes around.  Years from now we can look back and see 2013 as the year we did it. The year we led fascinating lives and were the people we dreamt of being.

Of course, not everyone is in love with the idea of fresh beginnings and resolutions. It’s funny when I meet up with someone who hates them.  You can almost hear them mutter ‘bullshit’ as the daggers shoot out from their eyes. Some are so defensive that I almost see the thought balloon above their head printing out “Are you insinuating THAT I NEED TO CHANGE?”

Well, no one wants to hear that from me. I get it.  Maybe they mistake my enthusiasm for some kind of criticism.  It’s really not. I just want to share the miracle of this moment.  A New Years resolution isn’t an obligation or a burden to me. It’s a clean slate with power to give you a better YOU. I can become anyone I want…starting right now!

With that being said, I’ll admit- 2012 wasn’t a bad year for me.  Sure the economy is still pretty sucky, and of course, we were in an election year (who would want that again?).  Katy Perry and Russell Brand’s marriage lasted about a nanosecond; but all in all it was a good year for a lot of us. Still, who doesn’t have something they’d like to improve in 2013?

I remember the first adult resolution I made and kept.  I was dating my current husband and as things progressed, we started spending nights together. I was a single mother of 4 at the time. So, occasionally they were gone and I was free.  The chance to spend the night together without kids was a miracle.  I loved to fall asleep in his arms.  And on those nights, I fell asleep with my makeup on.

Ok, call me vain-but I wasn’t willing to wash my face. I liked this guy. He needed to think I was fabulous the entire night and of course eventually that meant ’til we fell asleep.  So whether we were at my place or his I wasn’t about to pop out of bed and say “sorry sweety, now you get to see what I really look like.” No, I still wanted to impress him.  So I just thought I’d deal with it in the morning.

Well, any woman who wears makeup knows that leaving it on all night is the kiss of death for your skin.   It started to make me look terrible.  My skin broke out, turned sallow and was reacting to wearing all those chemicals on my face overnight.  I had to do something.

I decided that I’d bite the bullet and make a New Year’s resolution to wash my face every night before I fell asleep. Every night– regardless of where I was and who I was with. Yikes! He was a good guy, but what if he didn’t like the real me?

Gratefully, I discovered that I was in love with a grown-up. He pretended not to notice and I decided that he was “THE ONE.”  As for my resolution, I successfully broke that bad habit.  It was a resolution I could be proud of.  And of course, my skin was again fabulous.

I’ve had other resolutions that worked and some that didn’t. For me, the more I keep these things in mind, the more chance I have of success.

  • Don’t make it too hard.  Chances are you won’t fine the cure for cancer or feed all the starving children in the world.  Let’s be realistic.
  • Make it something you really care about. If it’s important to you, it’s important enough to stick to it.
  • Make it measurable. Be specific.  “Going to sleep by 10pm every weeknight” is measurable. “Getting more sleep” probably isn’t.
  • Keep it simple. Success in something simple is better than failing at something hard.

This year, I’m going to resolve to watch less TV.  I recently added up my time in front of the small screen. I watch about 40 hours of TV a week in front of the “boob-tube” as my Dad called it. Yikes!   That’s not so funny.  I could perform a full-time job with the hours I’m wasting. I’m afraid to admit that I may be an addict.  Ya’ think?

Now I don’t want to stop all TV watching.  I love Game of Thrones, Homeland, and Drop Dead Diva…so many good shows. But really most evenings I’m just so exhausted I’ll sit and watch anything.  That’s what I need to stop. I just need a plan…and I’m sure it will be a good one.

So what do you want to do?

Let me know what you’re thoughts are and whether you believe in New Year’s Resolutions.  I want to hear from YOU.

And if you have any suggestions on how I can cut down on TV let me know! Even if 2013 is long gone.



  1. Amanda Merritt

    After our conversation about resolutions I will admit you changed my mind. It is a time to start new! What is even better is that it’s a time to start new that you don’t have to come up with. Meaning January 1st is January 1st. It’s not “after the weekend” or “Monday” when most people start something new…like a diet. Taking that decision of when to start out of the equation helped me start up my working out again. I have been doing that at adding more nutritious foods to my diet. I feel great so far even though it hasn’t been that long but I think it’s mostly mental. I too feel like this could be the year that I finally do something about my health. I am tired of feeling tired and working out and eating right make me feel good. Plus, having a child makes you realize your not going to live forever and I want to be here as long as I can for my kid and family.

    • Virginia

      I agree with you on the mental being almost more important than anything else Amanda. I feel so much better when I’ve made a start towards my goal. Thanks for sharing. Virginia

  2. Dawn Biocca

    I have discovered that I also need to start fresh this year. Restart myself, as someone said to me. I have had changes in my life and some of them were great and others not so great but I have learned that it is how I handle the not so great is most important. I have been reading a book “Successful Women Think Differently” by Valorie Burton. In it she says that “what you say to yourself has a bigger impact on you then what others say” I do believe she is correct. When I have a not so great event I do beat myself up over it and really is that what I should be doing? My self-talk is very negative and what she has discovered through research is that women who have a positive attitude are less depressed then women who have a negative attitude. And the light bulb when on. OH MY what have I been doing to myself. When something doesn’t work I start saying things like “if you had done this a week ago it would have worked out better” or “Why did you do that you know it was not going to work”. When I have a not so great event I need to evaluate it and figure out what is was that made it no so great. Was it something I did or something someone else or something else did that made it that way. If it was something I did then I can accept that and get over it and strive to do better next time – learn from my mistakes. If it was something someone else controlled then I need to just need to accept that I was not in control and move on. So one of my New Years Resolutions is to watch my self-talk and change my attitude to be more positive. Will I change it over night? No! Will I back slide? Yes! And I accept that as part of who I am. But if I can change 50% of my negative self-talk to be more positive WOW that is huge for me.

    • Virginia

      What a commitment Dawn, I agree with you 100% on how self-talk will really bring you down. That’s a great resolution. Thanks, Virginia


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