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Biker Babe for the Weekend

Jul 10, 2013 | Uncategorized | 38 comments

As my friends know I am a corporate drone- not very sexy, but it pays the bills. And though I appreciate my job, I actually show up for the paycheck.  It supports my other loves- leather and loud pipes.

Yes, on the weekends- I turn into a biker-babe.  I haven’t exactly gone to the Harley Finishing School, but I’ve sure crisscrossed the country on one.  Sturgis and Daytona Bike Week is where I earned my stripes.

My husband was a biker when we met and maybe that was part of what attracted me to him.   First of all, he looked amazing in his leathers; ya’ know- a bit rough-n-ready. I had never met anyone who rode- let alone someone who looked like him- a bit dangerous but fun.

I love the wind blowing past me, rolling through the curves and the rhythm of the bike under me.  It’s relaxing and I’m happy. But no matter

IMG_20130622_110759_346how I try, one thing I haven’t mastered is how to make my hair look good while on a biker weekend.  The helmet smashes it, the wind tangles and the heat dries it out.   One of the sacrifices I’ve had to make.



Here are a few of our favorite weekend rides we’ve taken.

Biker Babe Enjoying Yosemite

Biker Babe Enjoying Yosemite

Yosemite- In 2011 we took a Memorial Day run up to Yosemite.  It was gorgeous and chilly. The snow was still around, but not any on the road.  Yosemite is one of nature’s wonders, and seeing it from the back of a bike means that you’re a part of the experience.   While you’re riding, you feel like you could reach out and touch the trees and waterfalls.

Motorcycle Ride in Yosemite

Taking a Break in Yosemite







Hollister– The sleepy town of Hollister in the central valley of California was the scene of a large

Bikes at Hollister

Hollister Main Street 2013- Bikes Lines Up

bike run in 1947 that got a “little out of hand”.  Back in the 40’s, bikers were more socially unacceptable and anyone who rode was put in a certain category.  The movie “The Wild One” was a very loosely adapted recant of that event.  Each year they have one of the most radical biker rallies there is.  San Benito Street is lined with some of the most beautiful custom bikes around.

Alice’s Restaurant– Yes, all you Woody Guthrie fans remember the song about Alice’s Restaurant? Well, it’s in California and sets at the magic intersection of 5 main bike routes.  Recently, we stopped there on the way to the Santa Cruz Mountains.  We can’t tell you if “you could get anything you want” at Alice’s Restaurant- but the burgers are out of this world!

I’d love to hear what your dream trips are. Please share your thoughts with me and follow me on twitter.  And link on the Linky below to see how my other blog friends are living the ultimate Travel Trips!   Keep Rockin!

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Alice's Restaurant

You Can Get Anything You Want

I love Riding a Bike

I fantasize I’m a Biker Babe


  1. Dawn Biocca

    My husband also drove a bike and we did go on rides together. It was fun driving through the mountain roads holding on to the man you love. On one of these trip he pulled over and asked if I was OK. The pegs we vibrating and tickling my feet and I was laughing. He thought I was crying. It was a fun time and sometimes I do miss it. Maybe after he retires he might get a bike again.

    • Virginia

      How exciting to see Retirement on the horizon. I see a lot of older people on bikes on the road now- it’s like a life dream, and we are healthy enough to enjoy it. Rock On! Virginia

  2. Phoebe Wulliman Graber

    My husband dreams of getting a bike and then taking a journey to the Florida Keys…and who knows where to from there! We were “bikers” briefly for our honeymoon after borrowing leathers and an old bike for an afternoon. Looks like great fun! I’ve heard the hair is a challenge for anyone to manage :)!

    • Virginia

      The Florida Keys comes up every time my husband talks about his dream trips also. He thinks of beautiful beaches, I think of Miami Vice. Hopefully we will all make it there someday! Thanks for stopping by- Virginia

  3. Connie McLeod

    My first kiss was on the back of a motorcycle…sweet memory.

    • Virginia

      That reminds me of Grease II where they sing a song and kiss on the motorcycle. It was so sweet and sexy. What a nice memory!

  4. Cathy Chester

    You go, girl! Adventurous and fun…..I loved coming along for the ride.

  5. Nina Knox

    I’ve never been on a motorcycle! They scare me a little bit. My husband had a Harley before we met and he is constantly saying he’s going to get another one. He’s been threatening this for the last 34 years that we’ve been together! But hey, if you can do it —-! It really does look like fun. It must be kind of sexy and exciting to have that other secret life!

  6. Virginia

    Yes Nina, I understand your hesitancy. My husband is a motorcycle safety instructor on contract with the CHP. Each year, he trains over 3000 bikers how to do it right, and how to do it safely. He says you never should stop trying to become a better and better rider. If your husband does take the plunge, be sure he gets a class and then someday……you may just find yourself with the wind in your hair. Thanks for sharing Nina, Virginia

  7. Julie Phelps

    Oh, you made me miss the fun of riding along on a Harley. While I can – well, COULD – ride my own, I no longer will do that. But so much fun to ride behind your man. Since I am “still” looking for my one true love I can hope that he will possibly have a Harley. The hair is an issue for me, too, though. Sacrifices…. Ayyy.

    • Virginia

      Hi Julie, I remember I had a list of thinkgs i was looking for in a man when I was single- you could add this to your list. A Harley would be fun! Virginia

      • Julie Phelps

        I hesitated doing that because I don’t want men who dislike or don’t own a Harley to automatically discount me. There seem to be slim pickings for men in age range as it is. But since you brought it up I think I’ll find a way to include it with my favorite things to do without making it seem like I MUST do it. I’d LIKE to! I am a most excellent detailer of all that chrome, which may be a plus to some. Hmmmm

        • Virginia

          Ha! Wonderful plan. Thanks Julie, Virginia

  8. Jennifer

    We gaze wistfully at you all as you motor past our minivan. Someday….

    • Virginia

      Hopefully you’ll get out there someday Jennifer. I had my mini-van days when the kids were home so I know where you’re coming from. Cheers, Virginia

  9. Karen

    What a great way to recover from a week’s worth of corporate droning! It sounds wonderful, and I’d love to try it some time.

  10. b+

    Oh my gosh you are having way to much fun! Retirement is going to be a great adventure for you because you already have it in your blood.

    Be well.


    • Virginia

      I’m looking forward to it too! virginia

  11. Karen D. Austin

    How fun! And now I need to watch Wild One. I like how this includes an allusion to your “how we met” story. What a fun thing to do together. And from reading the comments, I am impressed by your husband’s work in motorcycle safety, and his belief that people are never done learning. Cool.

    • Virginia

      Yes, I get asked if I worry about him riding. It’s tough, because you can’t stop them from doing what they love. So, I’m very glad he focuses on safety. Thanks for the comment, Virginia

  12. Sharon Greenthal

    Love that you are a a biker babe! I’ve always thought motorcycles look like so much fun, but I think we’ll probably wind up going the motor home route if we do any roadtrips in the future.

    • Virginia

      We’re considering a toy hauler so we’ll have all the comforts of a motorhome. We’ll be right behind you, I’m sure. Thanks Sharon, Virginia

  13. Helene Cohen Bludman

    Well, you are definitely the first biker babe I have ever met! Good for you for taking life by the handlebars and having fun.

    • Virginia

      I love that expression- taking life by the handlebars! I’m sure my biker buddies will love it also. Thanks for sharing, Virginia

  14. AlexandraFunFit

    I hope your hubby reads this so he’ll have just one more reminder of how you see him! I am from California, so know the song AND the restaurant. When we lived in Oregon, they’d play the full Arlo Guthrie song & story every Thanksgiving.

    • Virginia

      “YOu can get anything you want, at Alice’s Restaurant” is something I grew up with. Glad others remember it also. Virginia

  15. Chloe Jeffreys

    Who isn’t enthralled with a girl in leathers? And your husband? Yeah. I can see why that happened.

    I would like to take my son to Alice’s Restaurant. He loves Woody Guthrie to pieces and even attempted a short stint hopping the rails to see what that was like (yeah, I was NOT a fan!).

    What a great life of balance you have. Corporate paycheck, but sheer leathery bliss on the weekends. That’s living!

    • Virginia

      Your son led the Hobo life for a while? That’s exciting, but probably led to many sleepless nights for you. My kids threatened to follow the Grateful Dead (another of my husband’s passions) which would have been scary for me. I guess after that, being a biker babe on the weekends seems pretty tame. Thanks Chloe for the reminder. Virginia

  16. Shannon Bradley-Colleary

    Long ago I had a boyfriend with a bike. Oh, those long rides out the 10 freeway to his cabin in Big Bear. There’s nothing like the feeling of rushing air and freedom. I just pray my dear daughters marry boring accountants who drive with air bags. Sigh.

    • Virginia

      Ah, but will she be as happy with an accountant? That’s the rub. Thanks, Virginia

  17. Lori Lavender Luz

    How cool that you both share a love of this type of travel.

    On the first trip I ever took with my then-new boyfriend (now husband), we drove through Sturgis. But it was the week after The Week.

    • Virginia

      Sturgis is so funny. For a couple of weeks it goes from a widening of the road to 600k people. I’ll bet a week after, there were still a few stragglers around. Hope you had fun! Virginia

  18. Amanda Fox

    Virginia, my husband is a huge motorcycle fan. He has been bugging me for a few years now to get my motorcycle license so we can ride together. I’m still a little hesitant. Maybe when the kids officially move away. It does sound wonderful and free.

    • Virginia

      I understand Amanda. I have a license, and I did ride my own. but one day I noticed that it wasn’t as much fun as riding 2-up. So, I started doing that and never went back. I hope you enjoy it either way- Virginia- FirstClassWoman

  19. Pat

    You go, biker babe. I remember a family vacation we took to Sturgis. My French husband is still telling his friends about the biker mania.

  20. Beverly Diehl

    Your hair looks amazing. I’d love to do Yosemite on a bike, you must truly feel close to nature like that. Used to take trips as a passenger through the Angeles Crest Highway, and it is a totally different experience from going through by car, the changes in temperature from sun to shadow – you FEEL them, on a bike.

  21. Sheryl

    What fun! I can live vicariously through you. It’s always been a fantasy of mine, but I don’t know if I can become a biker babe after all these years…

    • Virginia

      Are you kidding? You’re fabulous!