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Breaking the hypnotic spell over your Life

Mar 19, 2014 | Uncategorized | 10 comments

In the running world, when you’ve laid off running for a while the first run you make is the “break the spell” run. No matter how long I’ve laid off, during that first run I’m able to shake off the lethargy of not running and get back on the road with just me, my thoughts and my sneakers.

I’m a creature of habit, and it’s amazing how quickly for me that I get out of the mode of running. Lay off a week or two and I can hardly remember the pace of the movement, the rhythm of my breathing and the feel of moving across the ground. But, once I start that first run, it all comes back to me quickly and life is good again.

But now I realize that breaking the spell can apply to many things. Laying off men after a bad breakup? Break the spell. Lost your job and haven’t started looking? Break the spell. Got bored of Facebook but miss hearing from your friends? Break the spell. Like getting back on the horse, breaking the spell can get you back to the things you love.

So here are my tips for breaking the spell and getting back to doing the things in life that make you happy-

You don’t have to do your best: That first run, that first post, that first date- doesn’t have to be the best you’ve ever done. Just make sure you do it. It doesn’t have to be 3 miles, doesn’t have to be the best resume you’ve ever sent out- but the action of sending it is the next step in a long journey.
You won’t go back to the beginning: You may not do well that first time out- but whatever you’ve laid off is a part of you and you will recognize it when you start. “Oh yeah….I remember how I did this…”
Have faith in who you are: For me, once I do the first run, article, or job application, my natural ability takes over and I’m back into my routine. Rather than having lost all my ability- I realize that I had it all along. I got this!
Stop the voices in your Head: What if the date isn’t perfect? What if no one responds to Facebook post? Why am I doing this at all? It was supposed to be fun and now it’s so much more. Blah..Blah…blah… You know these voices aren’t true and if you listen to them you might become a believer. Stop them now.

Laying off blogging for a few weeks? Break the spell! Wait a minute. Where did that come from? I love to blog, I love my blogging friends. I love hearing from my readers. I guess even with the things you love you may have times when you slow down doing them and need to get back on the horse. Call on a friend- make a commitment to someone else or better yet, share it with someone.

So, if you have something you need to start up again, some kind of change you need to do in your life- don’t let anything stop you. Set the date to do it, call a friend and Get out there and Break the Spell!

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  1. Lois Alter Mark

    Glad you’re back. These are great tips which I need right now, too, because there are days when I just don’t feel like writing any more. The philosophy I live by now, which I swear will change your life, is “done is better than perfect.” Try it! And please keep writing! xo

    • Virginia

      Thanks so much Lois- it is so good to hear from you and I love the philosophy- I’ll keep it in mind! Virginia

  2. Claudia Schmidt

    Good points. It’s hard, sometimes I just have to “wallow” in the spell for a bit so that I get my fill of it and then finally break out. The first day of spring just broke my “winter funk” for me so I’m off and running :)

    • Virginia

      You are so right Claudia- I am so glad to be back among the living. I haven’t figured out why laying off casts such a spell on me, but it does. Thanks, Virginia

  3. Dawn

    Thank you for this. I have been doing better over the last few days about getting up and getting moving. I need to get back to the club and eating healthy. It is to easy to say “I will do it tomorrow” but tomorrow may never come. I am going to Carpe diem and seize the day. I can spend hours at the computer but today I am going to set a timer and every 45 minutes I am going to get up and do something physical. Something that will burn some calories and change me in some way. The timer is set so here we go.

    • Virginia

      Isn’t it funny how quickly we forget what it was like to do those things? I certainly do! This article was done because I had layed off running and off blogging. And I needed to get back on the horse! So, writing it helped me do that and today it’s featured on Huff Post. I’m sure you’ll find a similar experience. I love that you always leave me your thoughts because they are wise and it connects us. Thx, Virg

  4. Chelsea

    This was a great post. I think every one of us has experienced “falling off the wagon” in one way or another, at one point or another. I agree that it’s not about perfecting the execution in the beginning, but about getting back on the horse. You don’t want to immediately head off at a full gallop before you’ve trotted for a bit and gotten the feel back.

    What resonated with me the most was the fourth and last tenet: stop the voices in your head. I’ve learned that you can’t really stop them, but you CAN stop listening to them. When the voices start (and they always do with me), I observe them but I don’t identify with them. Mindfulness meditation has been key for me with all of this, and there is a blog post by mediationSHIFT which is especially helpful in this area:

    The meditationSHIFT course is a wonderful and practical program, and anyone who likes your post like I do will find value in reading what it has to say.

    Again, great post. It truly deserved to be featured by HuffPost!

    • Virginia

      Thanks Chelsea for your good points, Virginia

  5. Kathy @ SMART Living

    Hi Virginia! Yes, I love the idea of breaking the spell from whatever is holding you back. I’m like Chelsea above who said that the last one is the most challenging for me….I call those voices in my head…the “two minds.” (yes I’m a Gemini!) Of course there are actually MORE than two voices but they sure to clamor a lot! :-) And I also agree with Chelsea when she says that meditation helps with that. That’s EXACTLY why I meditate every single day! Thanks for the reminder that we can all break the spell whenever necessary! ~Kathy

  6. Rob West

    I just started running again after a lay off of more than a week. I took a day off. Then it was a few days and then a week had gone by. Suddenly I am feeling guilty! Thanks for the permission to skip the guilt and just get back to the fun. Thanks Virginia.