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The Freedom of Rose Colored Glasses

Apr 27, 2014 | Uncategorized | 21 comments

For my 50th birthday my husband threw me a party.  He had guests sign a silver frame with all their wonderful messages for me.  Although turning 50 wasn’t that great, those wonderful wishes and thoughts from my friends and family are one of the things I’d carry out from a fire. My daughter wrote “You’re my hero”.  A girlfriend wrote “You look amazing!” and a very close friend wrote on the frame “Never lose your rose colored glasses”.

I remember him laughing as he wrote it, teasing me as always being the “cheery one” who can find the something good in each situation.  We’d worked together for years, and whenever I’d launch into some version of “making the best of a bad situation”,  he’d quietly walk over to my white board and draw out a pair of red spectacles and pretend to be focused on coloring them in until I’d stop and laugh.

But now I realize that among the strengths I call mine- those rose colored glasses might just be one of the most important strengths I have.  When I wear them I can understand people a little better, I’m willing to help them a little more, and I find I can learn more about life and the human spirit than I ever would if I spent my life with the armor on.

I think one of the benefits of getting to mid-life is that you gain a wisdom about what’s essential.  How we live in this world and treat others becomes more important. So I think the world would change if we put on our rose colored glasses more often.

What would it be like if we could give others the benefit of the doubt and believe they have the best of intentions? At a minimum we can consider that they might be doing the best they can.   Such a simple thing with powerful chemistry to change the world.

Receive a terse email from a coworker? Overhear a gossipy conversation? Didn’t get invited to a party? Maybe our friends are just humans with human frailties. Thinking about it that way, changes our whole view of the situation.

The realization that we have a choice in these situations makes me feel in control. I am giving others the opportunity to do it better and giving them a fresh start.  How wonderful it would be if their wrong-doing faded to a distant memory and you were free of it?

“Never lose those rose colored glasses” Life is not perfect, we are not perfect. By improving how we think of others we are lessening most of life’s little irritations.

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  1. Joel

    I’ve always treasured you and your rose colored glasses. Never lose them. :)

    • Virginia

      You are of course the good friend I was writing about. Thank you for pointing out that quality to me. It will stay with me forever I’m afraid :D

  2. Dawn

    What a wonderful topic. I think that to many times we want everyone to be as perfect as we are :) and when they can’t we are disappointed. Not everyone has our still sets and we should not hold them to a standard higher then what they can do. Rose colored glasses are a positive way to look at the world and I believe we all need to do that more often. Get the negative out of our lives would make us so much happier and really more productive, you would be amazed at what you can do. The negative is draining and tiring but the positive is uplifting and energizing. Love this Virg and I have my rose colored glasses on. Thank you and love you.

  3. Missy Leathers

    Love this! Thank you for sharing such wise and wonderful advice on changing your perspective of a situation that may appear on the outside to be negative. I am going to print this and read it every day, and share in Facebook

    • Virginia

      With friends like you Missy it’s easy to keep those rose colored glasses on! Virginia

  4. Sarah

    Good read! Love it!

    • Virginia

      Thanks so much. You always are an inspiration to me too! Virginia

  5. Carol Cassara

    This is so at the core of everything I believe. Thanks for sharing it!

    • Virginia

      Thanks for the nice comment Carol, I agree. I try to keep it in my daily thoughts.

  6. Marcia Cipriano

    I enjoyed the article, Virginia. We do all have a choice in the way we view the world: We can choose to look at it and see all the positive things there are or all the negative things. I ask myself why anyone would opt to focus on the negative, which often ends up making one sad and depressed all the time? We are all in this life together and we should support each other and help each other along in the journey, no matter what each of us encounters along the way. No one has had a “perfect life” and we’ve all met many obstacles along the way, but that’s what makes us who we are today. We are stronger individuals and can look back with no regrets, as we have been able to make it through just about anything, as we both know.

    • Virginia

      Yes Marcia, that’s true. It’s good to know I have family and friends in my life that help me understand that. Thanks for the great comments. Virginia

  7. Haralee

    I like your perspective on rose colored glasses. I formally thought it a dismissive remark, not anymore!

    • Virginia

      At first I thought it was too Haralee. But as time went on, I realized it’s not such a bad thing at all! Thanks for reminding me.

  8. Lisa @ Grandma's Briefs

    Simply seeing your profile pic here and on social media sites makes me smile. Every time. Your rose-colored glasses do wonders for you and the joy you exude. Do not EVER stop wearing them. You inspire me to pick up a pair myself. ♥

    • Virginia

      That’s so nice of you Lisa- I am so happy I have met such inspirational women like you with my blogging. It reminds me that you will find your peeps out there if you just keep looking.

  9. Kathy @ SMART Living

    Happy Birthday Virginia! And I completely agree that one of the best traits a person can have is the ability to see the good in other and circumstances no matter what! I loved it when you said, “What would it be like if we could give others the benefit of the doubt and believe they have the best of intentions? At a minimum we can consider that they might be doing the best they can. Such a simple thing with powerful chemistry to change the world.” ~Kathy

    • Virginia

      Thanks Kathy, I see you remind people of that every day with your wonderful blog. Maybe we can change the world!

  10. Sharon Greenthal

    Welcome to the 50+ club!

    I have learned over the years that everyone has something going on. I always try to give people the benefit of the doubt, and most of the time I’m right. Keep those glasses nearby – and if you can’t find them, check on top of your head :)

    • Virginia

      Oh my goodness Sharon- I do forget my glasses on the top of my head! that’s so funny….

  11. Charmie

    To have an optimum and optimistic both qualities while judging a person is indeed a rare one but I guess you are in that rare collection of people which is clearly defined in your blog post.
    Thanks a ton for this share.

  12. Karen @BakingInATornado

    I think we put a lot of emphasis on “being real” and that may well be to our detriment. I think those rose colored glasses go with everything, we should wear them more.