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Have you been naughty enough?

Nov 28, 2013 | Uncategorized | 3 comments

I’m a biker, and I’m regularly out on the road on my husband’s Harley. I find it a great break from my stuffy bank executive job.

And it’s all about FUN!  On a ride the other day, we visited the Harley store.  A poster was on the wall asking “Have you Been Naughty Enough?”   The poster is great- funny and cool. It showed a guy riding a motorcycle in leather and chrome. The look on his face is one of euphoria and “naughtiness”.

Now I was raised to be a “people pleaser” by my family. So, I like the idea of naughty. Naughty isn’t quite bad, it’s evil-light. People who are naughty have more fun, and only do what they want to do. Not what’s expected, not what’s wanted- just what they want.

So, here’s some ideas on how a woman can be naughty this year- what are yours?

Shock the in-laws: Have a little fun at your in-laws Holiday party this year. Wear spiky heels and leather pants. Complete the outfit with heavy makeup and just enough cleavage to shock Cousin Sandy. You’ll get their tongues wagging, but secretly your father-in-law will think his son is a very lucky man.

Hit on your neighbor: When delivering holiday cookies to Gladys Kravitz- your nosey neighbor next door, be sure to offer one to her husband. Lean over so he gets a good look at your best assets. It doesn’t matter… she’ll make sure you never see him again. But, he will remember you…..

Have a face lift: Or Botox those wrinkles away.  Don’t even let you best girlfriends know. They will wonder why you look so wonderful lately.  Swear it’s because you’re having sex every day. Lately, your husband just can’t get enough of you. Even your best girlfriends will hate it, because there’s a little bit of competition in all women.

Do the walk of shame: Stay out partying all night and then plop into bed without taking your makeup off. Show up in Starbucks on Sunday morning in your cocktail dress, carrying your stilettos, with bed-head and swollen lips. That cute little barista will think of you differently forever and maybe ask if you want a little extra shot.

Have margarita afternoons:  On a regular basis meet up with girlfriends and order gigantic pitchers of margaritas. Wear your sexiest dress and spend the afternoon laughing, bitching, and telling secrets. Flirt with Carlo the waiter and threaten to take him home with you. When your men scoop you up to drive you home, pretend they are your rescuer and remember what it was like when they were new.

Get Revenge: Post a picture of your frienemy on Facebook. You know- the one she looks fat in….we all have them tucked away somewhere. The one she asked you to delete…three times…pleading…

Lie: Buy cookies at the local French Bakery and pass them off as your own- Yes, lie. It will drive the women from church crazy- especially the ones who pride themselves on their creative pot-luck dishes.

Have a mid-life crisis: Yes, buy that Harley you’ve always wanted. Spend a little of that retirement money or inheritance your kids want to get their hands on.  Can’t afford it? Well get a spiky haircut and buy some clothes that are from this decade. If you’re a woman, maybe some flat boots, tights and a miniskirt. If you’re a man…how bout jeans that fit you?  I mean this is your midlife crisis.

And, my personal favorite…

Eat nothing but cupcakes: in front of people and still lose 10 pounds. I don’t know if men care, but women will hate you with every fiber of their being.

Now that we’re all grown, now that we pay our taxes and the kids are out the door- we deserve to be naughty. We deserve to have a little fun.   And, I for one and going to have it!


  1. Dawn Biocca

    Very interesting. It is fun to think of ways to be naughty. Not sure what my naughty will be this next month. Maybe it will be that haircut for the holidays. Alan has always loved my long hair – it is almost to the waist – but I get tired of it. Caring for it, putting it up in a clip so I can do something and not have it in my face. Not sure of the spiky hair cut but something different. It will grow back so if I don’t like it I can let it grow out. I am not talking about the older women hair cut I am talking about something in style and up to date. That will be my naughty for the month. Who knows I may even love it so much that I keep it.

  2. Lesa Porche

    Virginia! I love this post! I think I’ll make “be naughty” my mantra for 2014. I can relate to being too good at being good. What a bore! Just the thought of being naughty puts a sparkle in my eye. I’m going to start this weekend. I’ll wear something low, tight and spiked tomorrow night…what fun!

    • Virginia

      That’s how I feel Lisa. Great attitude, and let’s have some fun. V