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Is the Internet Hurting Us More Than We Know?

I’ve often said that I am thankful that there was no Internet when my children were young. The overabundance of information available online makes new mothers think that there is an answer available for every question, and there’s a “right” way to bring up your child.  It’s easy to forget that websites are trying to sell something to you. Most the content provided is focused on doing that.  In addition, anyone can post an article or blog. You don’t have to be an expert at all.

I got advice from my Mom and from friends over coffee on how to raise my kids.  Although you couldn’t call my Mom an expert, she did at least know me and know my babies. That’s much more than I can say about Gerber, Johnsons, or Huggies.

It’s not just new Moms, all of us should be aware that there is an incredible amount of incorrect information on the Internet. At times, instead of helping us make decisions,  it adds to the confusion and makes it harder.

So, keep these things in mind:

We are not professionals:  The typical person cannot get a divorce, fight their own court battle, or sell their own home no matter what the Internet says.  Just because you can read about a disease doesn’t mean that you can diagnose your own illness.   All the online information combined isn’t a substitute for years and years of education that professional people must go through.  When something is important, get off the Web and go find an expert to help you.

You have to be your own fact-checker: Remember fact-checkers? They were people who verified the facts in an article before it went to print.  They made sure newspapers or magazine articles were true and correct.    Now, anyone with a blog or a website can post- and it can be full of total bunk. Estimations are that almost half of the information available online is either incorrect or has a bias that is so prevalent that it has little value

Too much information: The more we agonize over a decision, the more paralyzed we become. There comes a point when additional information does not help.  Finding another source doesn’t always add clarity.  Besides, when looking at the pros and cons of a situation, not all have equal weight. No matter how many cons you have about going back to school, the one overriding pro might be that you will never be happy without it.

So think before you spend your days researching on the Internet.  Take a “Buyer Beware” attitude and consider the source of the information.  Then, just remember that when you make a decision you did the best you could at the time.

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