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Kids Will Remember What You Did For Them

Sep 5, 2013 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Most parents I know spend years wondering whether there will ever be some kind of signal that all that you did for your kids was appreciated.  Then,  every once in a while, something happens and you know  that all your efforts and love paid off. I have such a story- in a Vegas nightclub, involving black stilettos.

My story starts when my daughter was about 12.  We moved from California to just outside Manhattan. We were very excited to be living near the Big Apple. When Thanksgiving came along, the Christmas Light viewing and the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade were on the agenda.  We knew it was going to be fun, but for our newly-migrated California kids- the freezing weather was something they weren’t used to. Like all good parents, we preached about dressing warmly. However, in their excitement everything except Christmas lights and marching bands was forgotten.

Well, of course two hours into seeing the amazing NY Christmas lights my daughter’s toes were so cold she was in pain.  What’s a mother to do?  I couldn’t have fun when the kid was in pain. So you guessed it- I swapped shoes with her.  Yes, standing in the lobby of Trump Towers, my toasty warm snow boots landed on her feet and I was left with her favorite ”New Kids on the Block” tennis shoes.  You know- the ones that she wouldn’t leave the house without.

Of course, the shoes were cold and slippery on my feel- but the crisis was averted and we did finish our wonderful day.

Well, now my daughter is over 30 with a kid of her own.  With Manhattan way behind us, each year we take a trip to Vegas with a group of girls. There are five of us that go- sisters, daughters, and girlfriends.  We always enjoy the sun, the spa, and the comfy beds in the hotel room.  Yes, we get our fill of drinks by the pool, and partying our asses off every night in a bar or nightclub.

But the biggest thing we enjoy is that for a few days we aren’t wives, mothers or employees. We are only what we want to be- sexy, confident and exciting.  We are little Divas in a place of pure fantasy- nothing like our normal lives of diapers and dishpans.

Now any self-respecting diva knows that each night you dress- with little black dresses,  dangly earrings, and of course the highest pair of stilettos you can manage to perch yourself on.  And, you go clubbing, dance to every song, and have a wonderful time.  Still at the end 6 hours of standing, those stilettos can wreck you feet.  By the third night- every woman in the group is limping.

So, on night thee of this year, we were at the newest, latest, hottest club on the strip.  And as they say, “The music was bumpin’ the bodies were humpin’ and m’girls were so hot that we were getting plenty of attention”.

But, let’s face it- it’s hard to be sexy when you’re in pain.  So, when I signaled to my daughter that I thought I was leaving, she got a funny look on her face and asked if it was my shoes. When I couldn’t deny it- she leaned in and said “I’m gonna pay you back!”

So there among the neon lights, the club music blaring, the men, the drinks, and the half-naked girls- my daughter swapped shoes with me, saying that she was paying me back for all those years ago. It was trump towers all over again.

So take heart. Someday when you think it’ll never happen, you may get paid back too.  Sometimes, it’s in a way you’d never expect.