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aging women


Becoming a Grandma in my 30s

I can still remember where I was sitting the day that my daughter called me and told me she was expecting.  I had moved to New York with my second husband and my two younger children.  I remember the feel of the phone against my ear, the sound of the happiness in...

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Form Your Posse at Work and In Life

Do you have a posse? You know, friends that you hang with -- I certainly do. They're faithful friends that share your life and all that you love. Well, the best thing I did at work was to realize that I could benefit from forming a posse at work too. The Urban...

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My Celebrity Crush? I Wanna Be a Rockstar!

When people ask me who my celebrity crush is- I have to admit, I got me a posse…. Now, I am not one for worshipping celebrities.  I’m the first to admit it. My girlies will say they swoon over George Clooney or Dermot Mulroney. Me? Not so much.  Unless….. it’s...

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